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The Creative Fire Writers’ Workshop started in October 2014 with six women writing at various levels from amateur to published. ┬áSome were writing fiction and others memoir. The workshop has rotated five 12-week cycles since its inception. Women in the workshop hone the craft of writing while discovering and strengthening their own creative voice.


Ida Barnett Spurlin

“Ms. Leah Young, through her work at The Art of Women Foundation, ┬áhas encouraged and inspired me since 2014. Leah coached me, offered enormous amounts of information to enable me to complete my very first book in 2015 and 2016. With her editing skills and knowledge my publishing time was cut in half! She is very willing to share her expertise and knowledge so women of the world can soar. I never felt discouraged or more comfortable with sharing my dream. Thank you Ms. Leah Young!”


Rocquell Love

“A fellow artist/author introduced me to Leah Young and a program called Creative Fire Writers’ Workshop, in which a select group of women could come together, in a safe, nonjudgemental atmosphere. Where we’d share our knowledge and experiences artistically, while working towards finding one’s “voice”. We encourage and motivate with a goal aimed at personal & artistic growth through art, writing, speaking, listening and more.”